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Buchanan's Tim Anderson retires

24 October 2012

Tim Anderson, a founder and partner of Buchanan is retiring from the company.

Buchanan's Tim Anderson retires

He will cease working on accounts by early in 2013 and after a well-deserved gardening leave will seek roles outside agency financial PR.

Tim joined what became Buchanan in 1985 after a career in journalism. He played a key role in building Buchanan into one of the top London financial PR companies. Over 27 years he has been involved in high profile M&A and built a client base which has included global banks, multinationals and small caps, he was also a pioneer of the biotech and new wave of healthcare IPOs from the late 1980s. Tim was responsible for the great success of Buchanan Middle East and achieved many other triumphs in his long career.

“Tim’s departure marks the end of an era at Buchanan," explained Richard Oldworth, chairman of Buchanan. "Over his long career Tim has been at the heart of Buchanan’s success. He is a great business winner and retainer. He engenders loyalty from colleagues and clients and has won the affection and respect of professionals across the City. I wish him every success in the future.”

Tim can be reached at