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Virgin Pure brief for Citizen

31 May 2012

Water filter company Strauss Water has brought in Citizen Brando to help launch its newest brand, Virgin Pure, a water purifier backed by Richard Branson.

Virgin Pure brief for Citizen

The agency has been tasked to handle a high profile launch event involving Richard Branson and Ofra Strauss, chairperson of the Strauss Group, and will embark on an ongoing consumer behavioural change campaign.

The brief will include a mix of media relations, social media and brand collaborations to help Virgin Pure reach its target audience.

Kim Francis, marketing director of Virgin Strauss Water, said: "We need to communicate a clear message here – that Virgin Pure eliminates the need for bottled water, filter machines and even the humble kettle. We were really impressed with Citizen's approach to consumer behavioural change campaigns plus their unique evaluation system."

Mandy Sharp, Citizen MD, said: "What an exciting brief – changing the way Britons drink water. The challenge here is not only to reach consumers by creating a massive noise across all media platforms – but then getting them to change their behaviour with emotive, engaging messaging."

Virgin Pure aims to revolutionise the way Britons drink water at home, proving a better alternative to the 10 million UK households that either use bottled water or filter jugs at home.